Complete gynecological and senologic examination

Abdominal, transvaginal and perineal ultrasound

Hormonal measurements and investigations

Breast fine needle aspiration, biopsy, nodular breast masses

Pregnancy ultrasound

General abdominal ultrasound

Scrotum ultrasound

Electronic cardiotocographic load monitoring

Midwife consultation

Endocrinological consultation

Breast ultrasound including breast elastography

Screening in the context of screening programs (Pap smear, secretions)

Obstetrical consultation

Cardiovascular evaluation of women in menopause (carotid arteries doppler)

Thyroid ultrasound

Adrenal ultrasound


Blood tests

IMPORTANT: Mediplus Clinic is part of a network of units providing services to pregnant women on the basis of vouchers up to 2000 RON, as part of the Materna program, initiated by the capital city hall. More details on


Complex operations are performed in partner hospitals – Sanador, Medicover.

Classic, laparotomy


Obstetric births and interventions, normal or pathologic


We pay special attention to oncology (breast, uterus, ovary)

Short intervention:

Small interventions in the clinic, with local anesthesia, local, regional anesthesia or moderate sedation/analgesia.

Diagnostic and interventional hysteroscopy

Abnormalities in the genital sphere - incision, drainage

Termination of Pregnancy upon request, according to legislation


Surgical Wart Removal

Cervical resection and electro-resection, vagina and vulva

Cosmetic dermatology interventions

Core Needle Biopsy of the Breast

Uterine biopsy curettage

Bartholin's gland surgery